Base Ten Fun with ABCya!

Base Ten Fun is a set of three educational games that elementary school students can use to practice counting and adding in units of ten. The three games are Read & Make, Listen & Make, and Count & Write.

In Read & Make students see a number on a blank canvas. Students then drag blocks of ten and individual blocks onto that blank canvas to create the number they were shown. New block designs are unlocked when students correctly complete ten problems in a row.

Listen & Make uses the same format as Read & Make but instead of reading the numbers that they need to make students hear the numbers that they need to make.

Count & Write asks students to add up the blocks appearing on the screen and enter the correct total.

Applications for Education
If you’re looking for some virtual mathematics manipulatives that your students can use in your classroom or at home with their parents, take a look at ABCya’s Base Ten Fun and all of the other games that ABCya offers.

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