Polls.io – Quickly Create Simple Surveys

I’ve written about a lot of polling and survey services in the past. Most recently I shared this list of twelve good ones that range from simple one question tools to more feature-laden tools. This morning I learned about another good and simple tool for quickly creating an online poll.

Polls.io allows you to create simple one questions polls in a matter of seconds. To create a poll just go to Polls.io and type your poll question. Then you can enter up to eight answer choices for respondents to select from. Your poll is automatically assigned a url. To get people to take your poll just direct them to the url and they can vote instantly. Registration is not required to create a poll or to answer a poll.

Applications for Education
Polls.io, like other polling services, could be useful for informally polling your students with questions like “do you feel prepared for the next assessment?” or “which topic(s) should we review again?”


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