Asana – Shared Task Management

Asana is a task management tool for groups. Asana allows you to create multiple projects and lists of assignments for completing each project. Within each project you can assign tasks to the members of your group. Groups can have up to 30 members in the free version of Asana. Asana provides feeds for your projects so that members can subscribe and receive updates about new assignments and progress toward the completion of projects.

Asana has a mobile website that you can use on your iPad or Android tablet. Asana also has a Chrome web app.

Applications for Education
Asana could be a great tool for students to use to manage complex long-term projects that they are working on in teams. Another way that you could use Asana as a teacher is to create a group of students then use Asana to send them homework reminders.

Asana could also be great for planning academic department meetings.


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