Scroll Kit – Build a Website from Scratch Without Coding

There a lot of free services that allow you to build webpages without coding (find 11 of them here), but those services limit your creativity by requiring you to use one of their predefined templates or themes. Scroll Kit gives you a completely blank canvas to build on.

When you sign into Scroll Kit for the first time you will see a brief tutorial on how to use the service. As you work through the tutorial, you can delete parts of the tutorial until you have a blank canvas. On your blank canvas you can draw, add text boxes, add images, add videos, and insert app scripts. You can build multiple layers into your Scroll Kit site. When you’re ready to publish your pages you can publish on a Scroll Kit subdomain for free or redirect to a domain that you own.

Applications for Education
A word of warning before you use the site, currently one of Scroll Kit’s sample pages contains a word that is definitely not appropriate for school. I sent them an email and suggested a change, we’ll see what happens. If they take my advice Scroll Kit could be a good tool for students to use to quickly begin experimenting with elements of design.

Big update! Scroll Kit took my advice and changed the sample page that had the bad language on it. I love it when new companies are responsive to teachers. Scroll Kit is definitely a good tool that students can use to quickly experiment with elements of web design. The blank canvas gives students the freedom to make their pages as beautiful or as ugly they like.

Update again: Thanks to Mark’s comment below I learned that Scroll Kit only changed one of the sample pages not all of them. Sorry 🙁


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