Quipper – Build & Take Quizzes on Android and iOS

Quipper is a free tool for creating quizzes to be taken on iPhones, on Android tablets, and on Android phones. Quipper quizzes are multiple choice activities created by the community of users. As a Quipper quiz creator you can make your quizzes public or private.

When you create a quiz on Quipper you can include explanations for each answer. To create a quiz you can write each question and answer choice manually or you can import a spreadsheet of questions and answers. If you decide to try Quipper, keep in mind that quiz publishing isn’t instantaneous.

Applications for Education
Quipper could be a good tool for creating practice quizzes for your students to take on their Android and iOS devices. Quipper allows you to save your place in a quiz and to review quizzes that you’ve previously taken. Those options could make it a good review tool for students.

Thanks to David Kapuler for sharing Quipper on his blog last week.


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