My Simple Surface – A Simple Whiteboarding Service

My Simple Service is a free online whiteboard service. True to its “simple” name, My Simple Service is very simple to use.

To get started just click on “go directly to my surface,” double click on the surface and start typing. My Simple Surface provides very clear directions on how to use the service. To create a thought box double click anywhere on your board. To make sibling and child thought boxes use the enter and tab keys. You can edit the color and size of fonts. Your boxes can be linked to URLs too. My Simple Surface works on iPads too. The only short-coming of My Simple Surface is that sharing of your surfaces is limited to three email addresses.

Applications for Education
My Simple Surface could be a great tool for students to use to create webs and mind maps to plan creative stories that they are going to write. I would also have students use it to plan video projects.


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