Create Webpages in Minutes With Pagefin

Pagefin is a free service for creating simple webpages without the need to register for an account. To create a webpage with Pagefin just click “create and share,” enter the captcha code, and start designing your webpage. Pagefin does not offer any fancy template to widgets to add to your pages, just a blank slate to design on. You can add text boxes, images, and videos to your webpages. When you’re happy with your page click on the share button to have a URL generated for your page. The share button will also provide you with an editing link (don’t share that one).

Applications for Education
Pagefin could be a good tool for students to use to create and share a page of their best writings, video productions, or favorite images. Pagefin’s blank slate approach allows you to add as many text boxes, images, and video elements as you like. Looking at it from that perspective, Pagefin could be a good platform to have students use to create online collages of media arranged around a research topic.

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