WorkFlowy Is a Simple Task Management Tool

WorkFlowy is a simple task management service that I just learned about from Dianne Krause’s daily bookmarks post. WorkFlowy works in an intuitive outline format. It works just like I would have it function if I was writing a list of things to do in a notebook. Click “+” to add an item and use the tab key to indent an item. To set a due date for yourself just type a hashtag like #today or #tomorrow to prioritize your tasks. When you complete a task just click on it and strike it out. WorkFlowy has a series of tutorial videos to help you discover all of the little tricks it offers, but even if you don’t watch them you can use WorkFlowy efficiently. The video below shows the fundamental of WorkFlowy in  24 seconds.

Applications for Education
WorkFlowy doesn’t offer bells and whistles, just a simple and clear way for students to organize the tasks that they need to complete. For students using iPads, WorkFlowy works on iPads too.


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