Wappwolf – Drag Files to Dropbox and Automatically Convert Them To Multiple Formats

If you’re like me and you have multiple devices that you use on a frequent basis, Wappwolf is a Dropbox client that you have to check out. Wappwolf allows you to upload files to your Dropbox account by dragging and dropping from your desktop. Once you have set all of your Wappwolf options you can have specific synchronization and conversion actions applied to the files that you upload.

Some of the automated options that you can apply to your Wappwolf account include syncing to specific folders in you Dropbox account, converting files into various file types (I chose to have all PDFs convert to TXT) syncing files to your Kindle, syncing files to Google Docs (now a part of Google Drive), or automatically convert your files to ePub for viewing on iPads. You can also use Wappwolf to have image files automatically shared to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Learn more about Wappwolf in the video below.

Applications for Education
For teachers and students who use multiple devices and need to be able to access their files in a variety of formats, Wappwolf could be a fantastic tool to use in conjunction with Dropbox. Have a series of audio recordings from your students that need to be converted for use in multimedia projects? Upload them through Wappwolf and they’ll be automatically converted in the file format of your choice. Have a series of documents that you want students to be able to read on their iPads, but don’t have them in ePub format? Upload them through Wappwolf and have them all converted for you.


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