PicMonkey is Like Instagram on the Web

Earlier this morning I was asked for a list of alternatives to Picnik for editing and adding effects to photos. I had this list handy, but I have another good photo editor to add to the list. I learned about PicMonkey from one of Jim Sill’s Tweets last week and I finally gave it a try this morning. My initial impression is that it is a lot like Instagram except that it functions on the web instead of as an Android or iOS app.

To get started using PicMonkey you can upload an image by simply dragging it from your desktop to the PicMonkey editor. From there you can change things like saturation, contrast, size, and sharpness. You can then add custom frames and special effects like “Polaroid style” to your images. Want to add text to your images? PicMonkey provides a slew of font styles for your use. And if you have just one tiny part of an image that you want to enhance or obscure, PicMonkey gives you tools for that too.

Applications for Education
PicMonkey doesn’t require any kind of registration in order to use all of the photo editing tools. That lack of a registration requirement makes it perfect for use with students that don’t have email addresses. If you want students to experiment with editing images for use in slide or other presentations, PicMonkey could be just the tool you need.


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