mySchoolNotebook – Organize Your Notes and More

mySchoolNotebook is a new service for taking, saving, and sharing notes online and offline. The basic purpose of mySchoolNotebook is to provide a place that students can take and organize notes from all of their courses. Students can create notebooks for each of their courses to which they add text and image notes.

To use mySchoolNotebook you do have to have a Facebook account. By signing into mySchoolNotebook with a Facebook account students are able to connect with and share notebooks with their friends taking the same courses that they are taking.

mySchoolNotebook is available to use on the web and as an iPhone/iPad app. Students can export their notebooks as PDFs if they need to have a paper copy of their notes.

Applications for Education
While I appreciate what mySchoolNotebook is trying to do by requiring a Facebook account to log-in, I do think that it will be a deterrent to some students and teachers. That said, the concept of mySchoolNotebook is solid and it has the potential to be a great place for students to record, organize, and share course notes.


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