History Engine – Explore Stories of American Life

History Engine is an educational project developed by The University of Richmond for the purpose of giving students a place to explore stories of American life and publish their own stories based upon their research.

I was initially drawn to History Engine by the map and timeline that was featured on Google Maps Mania. The History Engine map allows students to search for stories by selecting a decade on the timeline then clicking a location on the map. Students will find stories about ordinary citizens making minor news in their communities as well as stories about famous Americans like George Washington.

Applications for Education
History Engine provides an extensive guide for teachers who want to have their students research, write, and publish stories. History Engine offers an easy-to-follow style guide that students can use to format their writings. If you’re looking for some good ideas and resources for getting students to use primary sources in their historical writings, History Engine is a website that you should give a good look.


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