Helping Former Students Through Twitter and instaGrok

Last evening I was Tweeting with a couple of my former students about how their spring semester is going. One of them mentioned that she had to write a paper on the Progressive Era and asked if I had any suggestions to get her started. While I certainly wasn’t going to do the research for her, I did get her started and introduced her to instaGrok by sharing this web of search terms and links associated with the term Progressive Era.

Applications for Education
If you haven’t tried instaGrok yet, I strongly encourage you to visit it right away. I think instaGrok is going to become a very useful and popular tool amongst educators and students. The basic idea behind instaGrok is to provide students with webs of search terms. Accompanying each web is a set of suggested links, videos, images, and key facts about their original search term. Students can pin their findings to a journal page inside their instaGrok accounts. Class accounts allow teachers to see what their students are searching and pinning.

Learn more about instaGrok in my March 22 post about it.


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