Google Docs for Teachers – A Free eBook

In the past I have published a couple of guides to using Google Documents in the classroom. The problem with those guides is that they were made before the latest round of updates to Google Documents. Yesterday I sat down and built a new guide, Google Documents for Teachers. The 40 page guide (embedded below) is designed to help teachers who have never used Google Documents. This document is part of a larger project that I hope to complete this month. Please leave a comment if you have suggestions about how to improve this document.

Some highlights from Google Documents for Teachers:
Creating self-grading quizzes
Creating, sharing, and publishing documents and presentations.
And creating a personal Google Account.

Download this document:
If you want to download this document you will have to register on either Issuu or DocStoc to do so. I realize that this introduces an extra step to the process, but it’s the best way for me to track the number of views, embeds, and downloads of my documents.

Google Docs for Teachers

Update: I forgot to mention in my original post. Thanks to Jen Deyenberg for the idea of publishing this as a stand-alone document instead of waiting to include it in a larger document.


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