Four More Good Math Tutorial Channels Not Named Khan On YouTube

Image Credit: Galilee

On Monday I published a list of Seven YouTube Channels Not Named Khan Offering Math Lessons. Thanks to three helpful readers I learned of three more good YouTube channels offering mathematics tutorials. Then I reminded myself that The New Boston which is primarily a channel for computer science lessons also has some good playlists of geometry, algebra, and basic mathematics lessons.

James Gubbins commented on Monday’s list with the suggestion of adding Hurley Calculus to the list. Hurley Calculus, as the name implies, provides lessons on calculus. There are currently 73 videos in the Hurley Calculus channel.

Math Doctor Bob’s YouTube channel was suggested by a reader using the Disqus ID Npisenti. Math Doctor Bob offers nearly 700 video lessons on statistics, algebra I and II, calculus, geometry, and much more. The lessons feature Doctor Bob giving the lesson in front of a whiteboard so you see him and don’t just hear his lessons.

Patrick JMT was suggested by Robert Borgersen who wrote, “Patrick JMT is HUGE, and equally good, if not better in some places, than Khan.” Patrick JMT doesn’t cover as many topics as Khan or Math Doctor Bob, but the videos are equally solid. I’ve included one of the Whole Numbers and Place Values lesson video below.


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