Where Are My Apps, Books, and Music? In Google Play!

The big Google news that I missed this afternoon while I was flying to the NCTIES conference is that Google announced the rebranding of the Android Market as Google Play. Google Play is where you can now find the Android apps, Google Music, Google Books, and Google Play Movies. If you have an Android tablet or Android phone the Android Market app will be automatically updating (provided you have background data enabled) to provide access to the new Google Play store.

One thing that I was concerned about, and I’m sure many others were too, is how the change will affect the apps, music, and books currently in my Google account. The simple answer is, it doesn’t. All of your apps, music, and books are still accessible just like they were before.

The other concern I had when I read about Google Books being integrated into Google Play was if the change would affect the Google Books search tools. The good news is that Google Books search and organization tools haven’t changed. The Google eBookstore is what changed. In other words the directions I offer in Google Books for Educators are still accurate.

Learn more about Google Play in the overview video below.


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