iPad Apps to Meet 14 Learning Objectives

This evening Greg Kulowiec shared with me an excellent iPad project that he and Beth Holland recently published for Ed Tech Teacher. iPad As… is a large selection of high-quality iPad-apps designed to meet fourteen different learning objectives.

When you visit iPad As… you can click on any of the objectives to be taken to a grid of free and paid apps that can be used to meet that objective. For example, if I want my students to create digital stories on their iPads, I would click on that objective and instantly see a list of the apps that my students could use for that purpose. Each app is accompanied by a description, price, and ease-of-use rating.

Applications for Education
If your school is using iPads now or is considering getting iPads, but you’re not sure what apps are out there for your learning objectives, iPad As… could be a great reference for you to bookmark and share with your colleagues.

Disclosure: I occasionally work for Ed Tech Teacher and they are an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers


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