Create Study Materials from Evernote Notes

Ever since Google Bookmarks stopped supporting lists last fall, I have used Evernote almost exclusively for all of my bookmarks and notes. Recently, while exploring some the many features of Evernote, I discovered that you can create flashcards from the contents of an Evernote notebook.

StudyBlue, a flashcard service that I covered last week, allows you to pull your notes from Evernote into its service to create flashcards. You can pull in just one notebook from Evernote or pull in multiple notebooks. One you’ve imported your notebooks you can copy and paste from your any of your notes to create flashcards. If you have images and links you can include those in your flashcards too. Click here or here to get started importing Evernote content into StudyBlue.

Applications for Education
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, flashcards are a very basic study method for very basic information. Yet flipping through flashcards remains a popular way for students to review information. By using StudyBlue students can access their review materials from any Internet-connected device. And by using Evernote to record notes, students can access those notes and create flashcards from any Internet-connected device.


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