ScholarPRO Helps Students Find Scholarships

There are a lot of services on the web that promise to help students choose and apply to colleges (I reviewed seven of them here), but there doesn’t seem to be as many that will help students pay for college. That’s the niche that ScholarPRO wants to fill.

ScholarPRO is a service that helps students locate and apply for scholarships that match their qualifications. To find the scholarships that they’re most likely to have a chance of receiving, students complete a profile on ScholarPRO. The more information a student supplies in his or her profile the more accurate the search results are going to be. Students can apply for the scholarships on their own or use the ScholarPRO service to apply. The way that ScholarPRO makes money is through subscriptions to its “easy apply” service. But just to be clear, students can search for scholarships without a subscription.

Applications for Education
For high school students and current college students searching for new ways to fund their educations, ScholarPRO could be a very useful service. The College Board also has a scholarship search service that current high school students should try.


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