Wolfram Launches a New Education Portal

Wolfram Alpha has offered free lesson plans for a couple of years now. Today, Wolfram announced the launch of the new Wolfram Education Portal. The Wolfram Education Portal is an etextbook for Algebra and Calculus. The etextbook includes interactive demonstrations built using Wolfram Mathematica. In the Wolfram Education Portal teachers will have access to lesson plans. While not terribly detailed, the lesson plans do have clear objectives as well as all of the resources a teacher needs to conduct the lesson.

To access all of features of the Wolfram Education Portal you do have to register for a Wolfram account (it’s free) and download the Wolfram CDF Player for your computer. Registering and installing the player takes just a couple of minutes.

Applications for Education
The Wolfram Education Portal could be an excellent resource for middle school and high school Algebra and Calculus teachers. The aspect of the Wolfram Education Portal that I find most appealing is the interactive demonstrations accompanying the text.


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