Hubii – Find the Latest News by Browsing a Map

Hubii is a new website featuring a map of newspapers from around the world. Visitors can locate online newspapers by clicking on the placemarks on the map. Registered users can subscribe to the online editions of the newspapers they find. When you subscribe (it’s free) to a newspaper in Hubii it is added to your Hubii Mapazine in which you can read the newspapers to which you are subscribed. Learn more in the video below.

Hubii also offers a heat map view of the news that shows where in the world the important stories are emerging at that moment.

Applications for Education
Hubii could be a great resource for teachers who use current events in their classrooms. If you’re trying to get students to explore and read news and editorials from other parts of the world, sending students to explore Hubii could be a good way to do that.

Here are five other ways students can visually explore the news.


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