Animoto Launches a New iPad and iPhone App

In my email this morning I received the news that Animoto has released a new free app for creating videos on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. The app will allow you to do all of the things that you can do on the Animoto website to create a video. Plus you can take pictures and videos on your iOS device and import them directly to your Animoto project. Of course, as with any good creation app, you can share your videos from your device to your favorite social media outlets.

Applications for Education
I often refer to Animoto as a gateway to “real” video projects. Animoto makes it very easy for anyone to create a great-looking video. I’ve found that once that confidence is built, teachers and students are then willing to try more difficult video creation projects. If your school is using iPads but having trouble getting buy-in from some faculty members, have them give the Animoto app a try and see if those people then become more willing to try other apps.


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