Think Insights with Google

Think Insights with Google is a relatively new Google service aimed at providing businesses with information about current trends in consumer behavior. Think Insights provides tools for discovering trends, monitoring trends, and it provides a public research library. Users can refine their searches in Think Insights according to industry, target audience, media platform, and marketing objectives. The research studies can be downloaded as PDFs or read online. Some of the research studies are accompanied by videos of analysts discussing the meaning and implications of the research.

Applications for Education
When I first saw Think Insights with Google I thought of high school students who participate in activities like DECA. Those students and their teachers could find Think Insights to be very useful in getting a handle on market trends and how consumers interact with different types of marketing strategies. Marketing instructors might ask students to read one of the research studies on Think Insights then use that information to develop a marketing strategy based on that study.


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