Page O Rama – Quickly Create Simple Webpages

Back in August I published a list of five services that students can use to publish online in less than a minute. Today, I have another service, called Page O Rama, to add to that list. Page O Rama is a free service for quickly creating stand alone webpages.

Creating a webpage with Page O Rama is very simple. Just visit the Page O Rama homepage, select a web address, title your page, and start typing. Page O Rama offers a good selection of text editing tools including page breaks. If you want to, you can add images to your Page O Rama pages too. If you think your page is something that you’re going to want to edit and update occasionally, you can enter your email address to create an administrative log-in.

Applications for Education
Page O Rama could be a good service for having students share examples of their writing online for peer review or other purposes. The benefit of using a service like Page O Rama instead of a full-fledged blogging platform is that your students can publish anonymously without having to enter an email address or register for an account.


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