BioDigital Human – 3D Platform for Understanding Anatomy and Physiology

One of the services that Google shut down as part of their Labs closure was the Google Body Browser. It was a good site for anatomy and physiology students. Fortunately, there are some other sites that do the same things that the Body Browser did. One such alternative that I previously reviewed is Healthline’s Body Maps models. Another alternative that I recently learned about from Danny Nicholson is BioDigital Human.

BioDigital Human offers interactive 3D models of human anatomy. You can turn on and off different views according to which body systems you want to view. The models can be rotated 360 degrees and the labels have an audio play-back option. The video below offers an overview of BioDigital Human.

If you are going to use BioDigital Human in your classroom, there are two things to keep in mind. First, the models are 100% anatomically correct. Second, you do need to have your browser updated to the latest version possible to experience all that BioDigital Human has to offer.


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