Try Mastery Connect for Lesson Materials Tied to Common Core Standards

Full Disclosure: Mastery Connect is an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers.

Even if they haven’t been adopted in your area yet, you’ve probably heard plenty about Common Core standards. The question then is how do you plan, teach, and assess with Common Core standards in mind. Mastery Connect is an organization whose mission is to help you answer that question.

Mastery Connect provides a free community for educators to share and discuss their plans around Common Core standards. As a member of the community you can browse and download the materials shared by other educators. There are currently more than one hundred pages of shared materials. Of course, as a member of the community you can share your own materials. You can also follow and have threaded Twitter-style discussions with other members of the community. All materials found in Mastery Connect are tied to specific standards in the Common Core.

The user community isn’t all that Mastery Connect offers for free. They also offer a free Android and iOS app that allows you to access the Common Core standards at any time. Use the app to have the standards for your grade and content area at your fingertips whenever you need them. The same features found in the Android and iOS apps are also available online whenever you need them at

For users looking for a little more than a community and app, Mastery Connect does offer some fee-based services. These services include the Mastery Tracker for tracking students’ progress. They also offer Bubble Score which is a service for grading and analyzing the assessments your students take.

If Common Core is a part of your professional life, I encourage you to join and explore the Mastery Connect community. Then start sharing and learning with other professionals.


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