Hohli – A Simple Tool for Creating Online Charts

Hohli Online Charts Builder is a nice tool for creating a variety of charts for online display. Using the Hohli Online Charts Builder you can create bar graphs, line graphs, pie charts, Venn diagrams, scatter plots, and radar charts. To use create your chart first select the type and size of display that you desire. Then fill in the corresponding form with the information that you want displayed. Your chart will be generated as you enter information so that you can see how each piece of information influences the chart. When you’re satisfied with your chart just click on it to save it to your computer or to grab the embed code to use on your blog or website.

You can see my sample bar chart below.
Chart build on http://charts.hohli.com

Applications for Education
The Hohli Online Charts Builder could be a good tool for any student that needs to create a data visualization for an online or in-person presentation. Because the charts update as each new piece of data is added, students will be able to see how each data set they add affects their chart’s display.


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