Viewbix – Make YouTube Videos Interactive

Viewbix is a new service for making videos interactive. Viewbix works with videos that are hosted on YouTube and it works with videos that are hosted on Facebook. I gave Viewbix a try this evening and while “interactive” might be a slight overstatement, you can definitely add some enhancements to videos.

To use Viewbix you first specify the url of the video that you want to work with. Then you can add a custom “button” to your video. Buttons can be linked to webpages or to another video. You can also link to maps and images. Viewbix will put your selected video into their custom player that contains the hyperlinked elements you added. You can see my Viewbix video below.

The function of Viewbix is similar to that of the spotlight annotation tool in YouTube’s video editor. The difference is that Viewbix allows you to work with any YouTube video that does not have embedding disabled. You can see classroom examples and directions for using YouTube’s spotlight annotations in this post.

Applications for Education
Viewbix could be used by students or teachers to add clarifying content to a video. Similarly, Viewbix could be used to build upon the content provided in a video.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for sharing the info about ViewBix. 


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