About the New Common Craft and Me – Full Disclosure

This week Common Craft launched their new site and new business model. I shared that on the Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page and got a few responses wondering why I shared something that linked to a service you have to pay for. In hindsight I should have written this post before I shared that news on Facebook.

I have long been a supporter of Common Craft’s work. Their videos have helped me and countless other teachers introduce complex topics to others. For the last two plus years whenever I wrote about Common Craft videos I did encourage readers to license copies of the videos if they were going to use them in a professional capacity. The licensing fee was reasonable ($20) and I felt that it was the right thing to do. To this day Common Craft videos are still the only fee-based product or service that I have officially endorsed purchasing. I have purchased copies of their videos myself over the years.

Last winter (January 2011) Lee Lefever, co-owner of Common Craft, approached me about testing out and providing feedback on a new Common Craft site and business model. In exchange I was given access to most of Common Craft’s video library. I have not been paid by Common Craft in any way other than having been granted access to their library.

So that is my connection to Common Craft. And now you know the whole story. My apologies to anyone who was offended by or disappointed in my decision to promote a fee-based service.

You can find all of my affiliations including a list of advertisers on this page.


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