Slide Staxx – Create Slideshows of Your Web Findings

Slide Staxx is a new service that allows you to create slideshows using videos, images, and webpages that you have found or created. To create a slideshow with Slide Staxx you simply specify the URLs for the content that you want to include in each of your slides. Each slide can contain a video, an image, or a webpage. You can caption each slide or let the slides speak for themselves. You can rearrange the sequence of your slides by simply dragging and dropping them into the order you like. Your finished Slide Staxx slideshow can be embedded into your blog or website. I’ve embedded a sample Slide Staxx slideshow below.

Applications for Education
Slide Staxx could be a great tool for having students organize and share the media that they have found online relating to a particular topic. In the example above all of the media is related to the Space Race. As an introduction to a unit of study you could assign students a series of related topics and have them gather and share through Slide Staxx some preliminary information which they later research in more depth.


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