Minigroup – Create Private Groups for Blogging and Sharing Files

Minigroup is a free service for creating private groups in which you can share files, calendars, and announcements. Within your Minigroup account you can create multiple private groups so that you can have a group for sharing with friends, a group for sharing with colleagues, and a group for sharing with students. In each of your Minigroup groups you can post and invite people to events, post reminders, and share files. Minigroup postings are hid from search engines and anyone who is not invited into your group.

Watch a video overview of Minigroup below.

Applications for Education
Minigroup could be used as a private group blog for your classes. You could have students contribute to the group blog. Minigroup allows you to create multiple groups within your account so if you teach multiple sections of the same course you could oversee multiple groups with one log-in.


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