Wikihood – A Wikipedia and Google Maps Mashup

Wikihood is a neat way to explore the world in your web browser. Wikihood is one part Wikipedia and one part Google Maps. There are two ways to explore the world using Wikihood. You can simply browse the map by scrolling and zooming in on locations then clicking on placemarks. Or you can use the search box to enter the name of a place (like Mount Everest) or the name of an event (like the Battle of Fort Sumter). Whichever way you choose to explore Wikihood the display format is the same. The map appears on your right and the Wikipedia entries appear on your left. You can expand and read the full Wikipedia entry within Wikihood.

Wikihood offers an iPad and iPhone app for those that are interested. It appears that the iPhone app does have some in-app purchase options.

Applications for Education
Wikihood could be a great way for students to explore and learn about all kinds of places and events around the world. It’s kind of like having an encyclopedia and an atlas side by side. I found myself just clicking around the map and learning about clusters of places that are close together. Geography teachers who assign students the task of researching a country may find that Wikihood enables students to get beyond general overview facts about a country and move into learning about the regional and or cultural differences within one country.

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