Best of 2011 So Far – InClass App for iPhone and iPad

Now that my school year is over I’m taking a short fly fishing vacation. The posts for the rest of the week highlight my favorite resources of 2011 so far. 

InClass is a free iPhone and iPad app that could be a very useful tool for students carrying those devices. InClass provides students with tools for taking text, audio, and video notes. Students can also use the app to take pictures of hand-outs, slides, and other valuable information that they see in class.

Taking notes is not all that InClass can be used for. It can also be used as a task management tool to help students keep track of their schedules and due dates. To share notes, images, videos, and schedules students can connect InClass to their Facebook accounts.

You can find some video tutorials for InClass on their YouTube channel.

Applications for Education
For students that have iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches the InClass app could be a great way to take notes and keep track of notes. The option to record audio while note taking will be helpful to students who miss something during classroom conversations to go back and hear it later.


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