Images and Videos of Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan

All of the news this morning is about the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit the northeast coast of Japan. I haven’t had a lot of time to gather resources this morning, but here are some of the better ones I’ve found that are accessible to students.

First up, the BBC has a short video featuring seismologist Dr. Roger Musson explaining how the tsunami was triggered.

CNN has a good graphic that shows how long it would take tsunami waves to reach various points in the Pacific ocean.

Both Reuters and CNN have slideshows that are still being updated with new images from the earthquake and tsunami.

CNN among many other places has dramatic video footage of the tsunami. Below is one of many videos that show the power of a tsunami.

Update: Thanks to Ian Chia for sharing the link to this live stream from Yokoso News. The stream is in English.

Update #2: has a set of 43 powerful images of the earthquake, tsunami, and their effects.
The video below from Reuters shows how powerful tsunami waves are.

Update #3: Larry Ferlazzo has a good list of resources going that you should also check out.
If you are interested in financially supporting relief efforts the Red Cross has set-up a text donation plan, text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 or click here to read about other ways to donate.


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