Xtranormal To Start Charging for Much More

As Larry Ferlazzo reported yesterday, Xtranormal is drastically overhauling its pricing structure. Under their new policies users will now have to pay to publish or download any of their creations. To download will cost 120 Xtranormal points and publishing to the web will cost 100 Xtranormal points. From what I can see the minimum points purchase is 1200 at a cost of $15 USD. Having multiple characters in an Xtranormal scene will also require points. Xtranormal will continue to offer some free teacher accounts, but  their announcement about the pricing change doesn’t say anything about student accounts.

It’s a little disappointing to see Xtranormal change to this business model, but they do have to make money and as they said in their announcement they prefer this model to one which inserts advertising into their webpages or videos.

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