Personal Finance Lessons for Middle School Students, the popular personal finance management service, in collaboration with Scholastic has launched a free personal finance curriculum for middle school use. Math and Money is a collection of four short lessons (2 primary lessons and two “bonus” lessons) about personal finance. Lesson one is designed to teach students about wages, taxes, and costs of living. Lesson two is designed to teach students the benefits of saving their money in a bank. The bonus lessons expand the first two lessons. Scholastic hosts printable materials that you can download and use to support the lessons.

Here’s a seven minute video from designed to teach viewers the importance of having good consumer credit.

H/T to TechCrunch.

Applications for Education
Math and Money aren’t the most in-depth personal finance lessons I’ve come across, but they could make good introductory lessons to personal finance for elementary and middle school students. If you would like to try a more hands-on version of lesson one from Math and Money, take a look at Life on Minimum  Wage which is a lesson I developed for use with some of my special education students.

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