Build an App for Nokia Phones

Looking around the ed tech blog-o-sphere you might think that the only mobile devices on the market are Android or iOS devices. But if we look at what our students and their parents are carrying, we’ll see a smattering or more of Nokia devices in use. The Ovi App Store is Nokia’s attempt to bring more content to their users mobile devices. To that end Nokia has made it easy for anyone to build a mobile application and publish it through the Ovi App Store. Using the Ovi App Wizard I built an Ovi App for Free Technology for Teachers in a matter of minutes (I have minimal coding skills, and none were needed) and had it approved by Nokia in 36 hours.

Applications for Education
If you’re looking to give your students and their parents more contact points for the content of your courses, building a simple application with the Ovi App Wizard can help you reach that goal. Likewise, you should also consider developing an Android App using the Android App Inventor which is now open to everyone.


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