Why I Write Free Technology for Teachers

This morning Scott McLeod posted a list of things that we would do if we were serious about educational technology. His list could be viewed as a checklist of mindsets schools should be striving to adopt.

I’m often asked why I write this blog. And the answer is simple, to help teachers learn about technology that they can access and use in their classrooms. Two of the items on Scott’s list really speak to the need for the work that folks like myself, Larry Ferlazzo, Kelly Tenkely, Adam Bellow, and many others do everyday.

  • “better educate and train school administrators rather than continuing to turn out new leaders that know virtually nothing about creating, facilitating, and/or sustaining 21st Century learning environments.” 
  • treat seriously and own personally the task of becoming proficient with the digital tools that are transforming everything instead of nonchalantly chuckling about how little we as educators know about computers.”

Thank You Readers for 14 Amazing Years!