The Economics of Seinfeld

The Economics of Seinfeld is a neat concept for teaching economics lessons developed by economics professors from Eastern Illinois University and Baker University. The Economics of Seinfeld is a catalog of clips (sometimes entire episodes) from the hit sitcom Seinfeld that demonstrate various economics concepts. There are seven pages of clips that you can browse through. Alternatively, and more practically, you can search for clips by entering an economics term like “demand,” “supply,” and “substitute goods.”

If you plan to use The Economics of Seinfeld, you should know that it doesn’t host the video clips rather it just directs you to episodes and timeframes within episodes to find clips. You’ll have to find the episodes on Hulu or acquire a copy of Seinfeld on DVD to use the clips in your classroom. (Seinfeld fanatics can get Seinfeld – The Complete Serieson DVD from Amazon).

Thanks to Michael Zimmer for the link to this resource.

Applications for Education
If you know someone whose economics lessons resemble this (I know that none of the readers of this blog teach like that), please direct him or her to The Economics of Seinfeld for some clips that will could help him or her make their economics lessons a little more engaging and or entertaining. The clips could help students realize that economics is a part of “real life.”

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