Data Masher – State Data Mash-ups

Data Masher is a neat tool for creating visual comparisons of data sets about the United States. Data Masher displays data comparisons on maps and in list form. To use Data Masher just select a data set, select an operator, and select a second data set. After making those selections Data Masher will generate a map and lists for comparing data sets state by state. If you don’t like the way your comparisons turned out, you can go back and edit your choices. Learn more about how Data Masher works in the video found here.

Applications for Education
Data Masher could be useful for social studies students to quickly compare collections of data by state. Students can create all kinds of mash-ups from which they can investigate more information about the states. For example, students could create a mash-up of SAT data and income data by state to see if there is a correlation between the two.


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