Knowcase – Quickly & Collaboratively Create Outlines

Knowcase is a free tool for recording ideas and creating outlines. To get started using Knowcase just click create then start typing. Each time you press enter or return a new element of your outline is started. To rearrange the sequence of elements on your outline just drag them into a new order. Knowcase outlines can be made private or public. There are two public settings. A public setting that allows people to only view the outline and a setting that allows others to edit your outline.

Knowcase can be used on iPhones and iPads.

Applications for Education
Knowcase could be a nice tool for having students collaborate on simple outlines. Knowcase could also be used for creating simple timelines. I could see Knowcase being used by a teacher to create a list of events then ask students to arrange those events in the correct sequence.

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