Remind Post – Automatically Send Task Reminders

Remind Post is a simple, free service for sending task reminders to anyone you choose including yourself. Here’s how Remind Post works; enter the email address of the person who needs a reminder, enter the task he or she needs to do, select a completion date, then enter your email address. Remind Post sends a reminder on your behalf to the recipient who will confirm completion of the task. If the recipient doesn’t confirm completion by the due, Remind Post will send reminders until the task is completed.

Applications for Education
Remind Post could be a handy little tool for teachers or for parents to send reminders to students. Remind Post only allows you to input one email recipient at a time so it would be time-consuming to enter a whole class roster into Remind Post. The service is probably better suited to parents looking for a way to send reminders to their children to get homework or other tasks done.

For other resources that can help students complete assignments on time see Seven Organization Tools for Students.


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