King Tut’s Family Tree – An Interactive Display

The cover story for this month’s issue of National Geographic is titled King Tut’s Family Secrets. The article explains how scientists have used DNA to construct King Tut’s family tree. To complement the article, National Geographic has created a simple interactive display of King Tut’s family tree. You can view his entire family tree or isolate the display to show the lineage of just one parent.

National Geographic has some videos that might also be of interest to people teaching lessons about King Tut or Ancient Egypt in general.
King Tut’s Tomb, embedded below, is a short video overview of how archeologists and scientists examine evidence to determine how King Tut died.
Egypt: Secrets of the Pharaohs is a full-length National Geographic documentary chronicling how the pyramids were built and how the pharaohs were mummified.
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Egypt: Quest for Eternity is a National Geographic production that you can find on Snag Learning. The documentary explores the temples and tombs of Egypt’s past kings and queens. Check out Egypt: Quest for Eternity on Snag Learning to find a list of discussion questions related to the film.
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Finally, National Geographic Xpeditions has a couple of lesson plans related to King Tut. Tut Technology is a lesson plan designed to help high school students to learn how new technology is helping scientists clarify the details of King Tut’s life and death. King Tut’s Treasures is a lesson plan designed to help elementary school students understand how artifacts reveal information about a people’s culture.


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