Nook Study from Barnes & Noble is Now Live

Last month I reported on a free study tool from Barnes & Noble called Nook Study. Nook Study is now available for free as a free download for Mac and Windows. Nook Study gives students access to more than 500,000 free ebooks. Students can also purchase and download other titles.

Nook Study provides more than just ebooks for students. Nook Study provides students with the ability to sort titles according to the courses they’re taking. Students can use Nook Study to highlight and annotate ebooks. Nook Study also provides a search function that enables students to highlight a word then in one click search for it on Google, Wolfram Alpha, Wikipedia, and other online reference tools.

Applications for Education
Nook Study seems to have been designed for college students, but high school students could use it as well. Nook Study’s highlighting and annotating function could be very helpful for students when they’re gathering research.


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