Anthologize – Turn Your Blog Into an Ebook

If you’ve ever looked at your blog posts or your students’ blog posts and thought, “there’s a book here,” you’re right there probably is a book in those posts. Now if you’re a WordPress user, you can turn those posts into an ebook. Anthologize is a free WordPress plug-in that allows you to take your posts and arrange them into an ebook. Anthologize features a drag and drop interface for arranging the layout of your ebook.

It’s important to note that Anthologize is a brand new product and may contain some bugs. You should also be aware that Anthologize will only work for self-hosted blogs not on blogs.

Applications for Education
Anthologize could be a useful tool for creating an organized, easy to read, ebook from blog posts. If you have a self-hosted blog that your students have contributed to, you can create a record of the school year and what your students have learned.

Update: Carl Anderson made a good comment about Anthologize on Twitter that made me think of another use of Anthologize. Anthologize could be useful for printing a collection of blog posts to send home with students if their parents, grandparents, or other family members don’t have Internet access at home. Creating an ebook is also a way to show students how much they have written in the course of a year. Print the ebook and have students compare its size to that of other books in your classroom.


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