Screenjelly – Quick and Easy Screencasting

Screenjelly is a free web-based tool that allows anyone to quickly create a screencast video. To use Screenjelly all you need to do is go to and click the big red “record” button. Once clicked Screenjelly will begin recording your screen and your voice (if you choose) for up to three minutes. When you’re done recording press “stop” and you can then share your video on Twitter and other social networks. You can also embed your Screenjelly recording into your blog or website.

Applications for Education
I have a colleague who, in order to get students to familiarize themselves with their netbooks, has her students create small tutorials and presentations about the various programs installed on their netbooks. It’s an exercise designed to get students to focus on being clear in their communications. Screenjelly could be a nice asset for those students as they could supplement their instructions with a short screencast video.

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