Cramster – Students Exchange Study Help

Cramster is a provider of study guides, practice tests, and studying help forums for students. The service has an interesting business model in which students have to either purchase credits (Cramster calls the credits “Karma”) or earn credits in order to be able to ask their own questions. Students can earn credits (Karma) by answering the questions that have been posted by others. The value of credit earned fluctuates depending on the difficulty of the question answered. Cramster is primarily intended for use by science and mathematics students although humanities sections have recently been added to Cramster. According to TechCrunch Cramster’s user base is roughly 90% college students and 10% high school students.

Applications for Education
Cramster offers educators free access to all of its “gold level” content. Educators can contribute to the content provided on Cramster and in exchange have their own questions answered. I was wondering why a teacher would need this until I realized that there are some tough questions, particularly in advanced economic theories, that I do occasionally need help answering.

Cramster is also advertising some new features specifically for teachers that will be revealed in the near future, but they’re not saying what those are yet.


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