Reading Rewards – Track Time Spent Reading

Reading Rewards is a free service that allows parents and teachers to track the amount of time their students spend reading. Students create goals in Reading Rewards then parents and teachers can reward them for reaching their goals. Every minute students read equals one Reading Reward (RR) mile. Parents and teachers can determine what the rewards will be and how many RR miles students need to earn to receive a reward.

If Reading Rewards was simply a tool for tracking student reading, I might not have written about it. What got me to write about Reading Rewards is the student networking aspect of the site. Students can connect to other students and share book recommendations. I think giving students the opportunity to share book recommendations could be a very valuable aspect of Reading Rewards. As teachers we can suggest all of the books we want and tell kids that other students like them liked a particular book, but hearing that from a peer could be much more influential in a student’s decision to read a particular book.

Learn more about Reading Rewards in the Google Docs Presentation below.

Applications for Education
Reading Rewards can be used on an individual basis or parents or on a group basis for teachers. Teachers can manage an entire class or students from one account. If a teacher creates a class each student can have individual goals or group goals can be established.

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