Kohive – Group Collaboration & Project Management

Google Docs, Zoho Writer, and services like them are good for collaborative document and presentation creation. What they lack however is a way for groups to assign tasks to its members and to keep track of those tasks as they’re completed. This where Kohive comes in. Kohive provides a suite of tools for collaborative project creation and project management.

In Kohive you can create multiple group projects and manage each project separately. Kohive provides a desktop-like suite of tools such as stickies, documents, scheduling, and file sharing that all members of your group can access. You can also share videos, share pictures, and create drawings (think team whiteboarding) on Kohive.

Learn more about Kohive in the video below.

Kohive Intro from Edward Sanchez on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
Kohive could be useful for middle school and high school students working on group projects. As the teacher you could be a member of each group and check-in on each group’s task assignment and progress. That access and information could be handy if the group doesn’t work well together and starts to accuse individuals of not pulling their weight.


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