Starfall – Interactive Reading Lessons and Games

Starfall has been around for years, but I’ve never featured it on Free Technology for Teachers until today. Starfall offers free online activities to help young students learn to read. Starfall covers everything from learning the alphabet to learning how to pronounce words. One of the best features of Starfall is in the “I’m Reading” section of the website. In the “I’m Reading” section students read short stories set in a variety of contexts. As students are reading, if they get stuck on the pronounciation of a word, they can click on any word in the story to hear it pronounced. This same concept applies to other activities offered by Starfall.

Applications for Education
Starfall could be a great way for parents to work their children to develop reading skills. Depending on the age of the child parents can help their children learn to manipulate a computer’s mouse while helping them learn to read. Some children may be able to use Starfall on their own as an independent learning activity.

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